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Raising Happy Children,

Creating Happy Homes

Over here, you will find resources to support and guide you in making confident decisions to be that confident parent you want to be for your children. Building a strong, loving and healthy culture in your very own home.

About Mommyclucker

Mommyclucker is a community – I believe in a safe haven built on the principles of fostering healthy and loving relationships.

Together, we address issues of parenting, from the ones that keep parents up at night to those that bring a smile to their faces and everything in between.


I strongly believe that the way to nurturing healthy and happy children is to be healthy and happy ourselves.


In this space, you will find support in the various struggles or roadblocks that you will encounter in your parenting journey, as well as a platform to share your successes as a parent and the joyous moments you’ll experience with your children.




Are you a New Mom or

are you Expecting?

We celebrate life with you!

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Topics of Interest

Our Originals

Get your very own baking recipe books for toddlers, 18 months and above!


Each fun and eye-catching pictorial recipe book comes with a parental guide that includes actual recipe, ingredients needed and baking process.


Tips on how to bake with your little toddler are also provided!


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  • Postpartum Education Class value packed with theory based and simplified practical tutorials

  • Informative Power Packed Videos + Practical Tutorial Videos on 3 important modules on Baby Care, Labor Care (natural & cesarean section), Breastfeeding Care education

  • Downloadable Course Worksheets to enrich the postpartum class

  • Work through the postpartum class at your own pace in the comfort of your home

  • Extra module for Postpartum Nutrition and Postpartum Mind & Body

  • Exclusive deals with our partners for Pre & Post Natal

  • One-Time Live Zoom Call (Lessons Follow-up)

  • Support Follow Up Call (2 weeks Postpartum)

  • Membership Lifetime Access

  • Breastfeeding WhatsApp Support Group

  • Facebook Private Parent-Member Support Group

  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Complementary Parent Starter Kit

"Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will becomes."

Brook Hampton

New To Motherhood? Prepare yourself for this special journey!

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The Parent Thing Podcast

Not your typical parenthood podcast.


This podcast explores the day-to-day trivial matters to the big hair-pulling matters of the parenting journey.And we make it juicer by having some papa and mamas to share their little stories.

Jump into the coop and cluck together!



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