Top 10 Shitty Things Pregnant Women Go Through

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: having a child is one of the greatest gifts in life. You’ll have a part of you walking on earth for a lifetime, and they’ll be your legacy.

See, that’s all true and great. For being a gift, though, children sure take a lot of work and pain to bring into the world! But mostly pain.

If you really want kids no matter what, that’s great!Just to be upfront with you, though, below are the shittiest things in pregnancy you can expect and prepare for. And it’s hard to rank all these from most to least tolerable because, honestly, they’re all shitty. So they’re in no particular order.

10. Leaking - or completely soaking your pants

This starts in the first trimester. But it gets worse later in pregnancy, when the baby has grown so much he’s sitting right there on top of your bladder. That, and the fact pregnant women have to drink more water, makes for a very leaky situation.

You could leak when you sneeze, cough, or when you’re having a good laugh with your friends. Or when you’re vomiting, you could wet yourself so much you’d think your water broke - even prematurely!

Imagine the hassle of changing your underwear and pants for the third time of the week. Or having to bring extra pants and underwear with you. Or even worse, having an accident in public!

The only thing you can do is wear pantyliners, regular pads like you’re on your period, or even Depends. (Nothing wrong with wearing Depends - it’s just you gotta do what you gotta do, right?)

9. Nausea, and all the crap that goes with it

Ah yes, the infamous morning sickness. But even that name’s deceiving because it could come on any time of day. Nausea affects every pregnant woman differently (like everything on this list). It usually starts in the first trimester and pretty much lasts throughout pregnancy.

The vomiting’s the worst. It comes so fast sometimes you don’t even have time to run to the toilet or a trash can before it goes splashing all over the floor. And you don’t even feel better afterwards, but like lying down for, I don’t know, a week or two?

And it’s not just vomiting, either. Nausea could include gagging, smell and food aversion (don’t worry, we’ll get to that one!), headaches, gross tastes, fatigue, and total malaise.

The solution? Fortunately, there’s a lot. So you won’t have to depend on pregnancy-friendly nausea medicine and puke bags unless you have to.

8. Food aversion - say goodbye to your normal diet

For you, it might not be that bad. Who knows until you actually go through it? On one extreme, you could be the pregnant woman snarfing down tubs of ice cream, making those famous midnight runs for different foods, and chasing down every intense, bizarro craving that pops into your head. (Which unfortunately makes the weight gain worse. See #2)

On the other extreme, you could be the woman that gets nauseated by so much of everything you end up subsisting on the most basic diet imaginable. Which is also not great for you or the baby.

There’s a workable solution, although it involves changing your diet and maybe taking supplements. It’s still a good way to still nourish yourself and your little-one-to-be. Your OB/GYN could have good suggestions, too. As they say, “keep your eye on the prize” - a bouncing baby.

7. Sleep loss - good luck sleeping

What is it about pregnancy that makes getting a good night sleep so damn hard? Is it the hormones? The anxiety and nervousness of having a baby (especially if it’s your first time)? The big belly later on?

Maybe it’s all the above. But in time, you’ll spend a bunch of your days groggy, trying (and failing) to catch up on sleep, and worrying about everything you have to do. Meanwhile, you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. What makes it even worse is the fact you’ll already have enough sleepless nights when the baby comes. Ohhh, joy.