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We created this free e-book

To help soon-to-be mommies make pregnancy a little easier with tips and tricks that have to be proven very useful. 

You will learn how to prepare for your newborn, how to cope with confinement and most importantly how to take care of yourself.






In light of the recent pandemic

We have also created this free e-book

To share fellow mommies' secret tips and tricks to help you and your little tods conquer the covid-19 virus outbreak.

You'll learn how to educate your kids on the importance of maintaining good hygiene by learning the right hand-washing technique, and keeping them safe and entertained while the whole family stays at home during Circuit Breaker.


We are always in search for something interesting and fun for our

children to do.

I totally understand the parents who are struggling to dig some creative juice on the various activities you could possibly can do in and outdoors?

Alright... here is how you can stop cracking your brains...

As we are in the same boat, we have put together Top 10 Activities To Color Your Tod’s World. They are easy and fun activities you can get your child engaged and learning!

Download the e-book to make it yours now!

Remember playing is learning and learning is playing!



Get our free e-book

 10 Secrets Tips to Confident Parenting