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Top 3 Things You Should Never Do With Your In-Laws!!!

1. 传话?!?!

Never ask ur husband to go tell his mother simi simi simi.... (whatever problems you may have with your in-laws)

A. your husband will hate it because he is being 'kiap' in between. B. He will pass a msg which is half pass 6. C. U will feel even more angry after. So the best is to... say openly. Directly in front of ur in-laws and with ur husband around. Passing messages around will only complicate things. And most of the time, it really does not solve the problem.

2. Never Give Your Keys To Your In-laws.

It is tough to take back what u give away.

And most of the time giving your home keys inconvenience ur spouse and ur spouse will need to worry if they will be seen naked walking around d house when ur parents suddenly pops up with freedom keys to your house. You can allow frequent informed visitations. But think twice if u really need to give the keys. It is ok to tell your parents it is inconvenient to give ‘anytime’ access.

3. Never Quarrel Infront Of Your In-laws.

Perhaps the base line is u may show u r pissed. But we need to refrain arguments. And wives, do not berate your husband infront of your in-laws.

The 三姑六婆 will not edify the situation. And the worst thing is people always think they know better. So don’t give chances for that. The lack of context of the situation will only worry the folks or make them think that there is a huge problem lying around in your marriage. Be wise! If you have to argue or debate, go to a corner or go into your cars and scream at each other!

Do you have any top 3 on your list of what you will never do with your in-laws? Share with me!

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