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Why Is It Always Complicated With Mother-In-Laws

In-Laws are always a problem in most marriages, in most households. The mother-in-laws always have issues with their daughter-in-laws and same goes vice.

1. Culture differences

Marrying your husband is like marrying his family. And it is literally getting 2 families of different upbringings, and different cultures and values to blend into 1 acceptable kind by ALL. This; itself is complicated just by thinking about it.

You cannot blend cultures. You cannot mix black and white to get a Rainbow color. The only way is to Create a NEW CULTURE. It means that you and your spouse must set your own family boundary. And by family; I meant you and your hubby and children; if applicable.

If you naturally have a good relationship with your parents, you feel like you guys can share everything and anything under the sun, while your spouse might not have such family culture, you cannot assume that you can give your own house (house belonging to you and your spouse) keys to your parents. It will bring about unhappiness because the other might not be able to accept such 'convenience'.

2. Your mother-in-law is Controlling/Bossy

She expects you to mother her son as how she have had

You want to treat your husband like a/ your husband and not to have to treat your husband like a baby. Often than not, mothers love placing the responsibility of 'take care of my son' into the hands of the daughter-in-laws. It is like your mother-in-law has to somehow find out if you cook at home and what you cook.

Your mother-in-law indirectly/directly imposes on you mommy duties for her own son who is your husband. And your mother-in-law is watching to see if you are 'taking great great care' on her precious son.

This is so wrong. Mothers must learn to 'let go' of their sons. We must remember that the role of a mother and a wife is different. And it is important for the guys to also understand this logic. And remember, (guys if you are reading) - if you want your wife to be like your mother, you will have a naggy wife. And also, isn't it so that the man must always take good care of his wife?

Whats your struggles? Are you having a complicated relationship with your in-laws? Or you have a great way of dealing with your in-laws?

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