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Why Church Is Important For My Son

I thought through really hard for 9 months on how I would like to bring my son up. I ponder through the values to impart to him, things which we can give to him, what we will buy for him, how to discipline him etc and the list just goes on.

However, I understood that the idealistic expectations of how I want to be the 'best mom' or the ideal of giving him the 'perfect' family, or the gentleman we would groom him to be could be far from the actual realistic standards. I mean, we all know it right? How we wished we would not blow our top when we are frustrated with our children? Or how nice it'll be if we could manage our children without the pressures and stress we as working parents could and would face.

I finally asked myself one question. If I only could give Samuel one thing. What would it be?

Now that it has been streamlined to just one thing, I will need to rethink, re-strategise ain't it?

I would give him Jesus.

Don't fall off your chair yet.

There are many things I know my husband and I can give to my son. He is the only son. There is almost no fret. Our efforts, plans, dreams can just be consolidated on him and him alone.

I have been watching. Observing the children. People's children. Friends' children. The society's children. The extreme level of instant gratification. The mass amount of knowledge which can be input to their little brains using the shortest amount of time. Wow...

I came about poor when I started out and built my career with my two hands and a brain. If I do not have excess money to give to my son, my son can still earn his keep as long as he keeps a job. But the key he needs to have is to be hardworking and diligent.

What about teaching and educating him the values? Like morality and on character building? Surely I can do all these? True that I would love that my baby grows to be a generous man? Or a kind one? But honestly, some values are easy for some to learn, some values are a lifetime of struggles for some people.

If my son could only learn of one thing, it has to be Jesus. Because I know the many people who refuses to embrace the right values no more. We self-seek. We seek for pleasures, we seek our own. Loyalty and faithfulness becomes difficult attributes in young people these days.

I know one thing for sure. If my son knows and loves Jesus, he will embrace righteousness. And in righteousness, he will embrace the commandments which is written in the bible for us. The attitudes of the beatitudes will be those which he will seek to better in his life.

I know that I cannot be with my son forever. I know he will need to leave me and stand on his two feet. I know it sounds really emotional but I know that my duty is to equip him to be ready for this colorful, yet topsy turvy world. And whenever he is faced with troubles, he can always look to Jesus for answers.

The church is not everything but it plays an important platform. My little baby attended his first church service the moment he turned 1month.

He is not just being immersed in the atmosphere of praise and worship, he also sees me and my hubby worship in the house of God which is a very effective manner of demonstration for him. In future he will also learn of Jesus with his peers by attending Sunday School. So why not?

When my dad left this world, he did not leave me anything physical. But he left with me the values he taught me, the great character he had, the memories of us being together. And now that I am a mother, I see myself also passing down these values to my child. And my child will in turn pass it to his own children. And this is then a more precious inheritance to give than just a chest of gold.
So yes, this is why Church is important for my son.


Picture Worthy! This is our first church service. My 1st experience of bringing him to the main auditorium. We were at the Suntec Driveway.



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