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My Son's Unique Surname

My son's actual surname is Lee-Yap.

What is Lee-Yap? Or who? 'Lee' is my hubby's surname. 'Yap', is yours truly.

We unanimously decided to combine our surnames to make it into my son's surname.

Questions questions...

I cant really say that I had a difficult pregnancy. Except for contracting Gestational Diabetes... Pfft... However it did dawned unto me while I was pondering and reflecting during one of those days when I realised that when a pregnancy happens, the woman get affected at the most of it and at the earliest stages. The man? Haha... sounds like feminism.

Our body starts to change... we get affected by hormones, most of us have morning sickness to battle etc etc... and after all that we've been through, the baby only carries the father's surname? Haha.. So obviously I had a discussion with my hubby and decided to give him a unique surname.

Some people felt that it is being disrespectful to my husband. For one, my husband obviously did not felt that he was being disrespected. Well, 'Lee' still goes first... Two, as a couple, there are some traditions, we don't quite follow. And I think my hubby actually like the uniqueness in Samuel's surname. In fact, I really love my husband that he does not really practise autocracy.

Next question is always the Singaporean Slang 'Can meh?' Ya can. Haha... It is both parents' decision on how they want to register their child's surname and name. Meaning, actually a child can follow the mommy's surname! Is it official? Is it recognised? Obviously yes.

Some people might think that we or I am 'very funny'. To be honest, I am far from being funny. I am very serious. And esp for my son's surname, chinese name and christian name. Because I strongly believe that our names are our identity. My hubby and I already decided my son's name when he was only a 2-months old fetus. Since then, we would called him by his name and pray and confess over his life.

Once, someone reflected to me that we should give a name for our child which has too many 'Strokes' in his Chinese Characters. You know what I think? Bullshit. Because my son will have to learn how to write his name whether he likes it or not and seriously I do not think that his first words to me when I teach him to write his own name is to tell me his name is too difficult to write. Children are full of wonders and faith. Besides why would I compromise giving my son a name filled with destiny and purpose just because I want him to write easier? Then everyone should should name their children '一一' because I think that is the simplest stroke in our Chinese Characters.

So upcoming parents or repeated parents, consider wisely your child/children names! Because it is their definition!

Anyway, my son is very handsome hor? I know. He has a unique Surname too.




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