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My Baby's Sleep Buddy

Linus from Peanuts got it right. He goes everywhere with his blue security blanket. I think
every baby needs one too. You might ask why? Isn’t that another thing that the baby needs
to wean off in the future? Personally, I feel it’s their first step towards learning about
independence. Their own personal “chou chou”, could be a soft toy, bolster or like Linus a
blanket would help remind your baby of mommy and comfort and soothe himself when he’s
on his own while Mommy’s not around. And a big plus, they look super cute with one.

I was at my niece’s place the other day and saw the cutest blanket soft toy combo that she
used as a “chou chou”. I found out that it’s a cuski and I decided to get 2 for my boy. (And
one pink one for myself!) Why 2? One to use and the other as a spare. True enough, he
somehow managed to soil the first one within a week.


The cuskis are super soft, made from organic cotton (of course they will chew on it) and had
pretty nice designs in multiple colours. I got the baby blue ones for my boy.

When the cuskis arrived, I placed them close to my body and hugged them while I sleep to
pick up my scent. Within a couple of days, he became very comfortable with it. He sleeps
with it and its light enough for him to clutch around when we are out. As he reaches 3
months old, he’s sleeping better on his own and having a security blanket definitely made
that process easier.

Here's the link so you can check it out!

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