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I AM Not Interested In CNY Nor First Month Celebration. Here's Why? Coming From NEW

CNY can be a disaster when your infant is really still an infant.

My little boy just turned 2months before the CNY started. His routine was mainly sleep and milk every 2-3hours depending on his mood. Most of time when he wakes, he poos.
CNY Visiting to me is really like to asking me to do a baby shower for my little one straight after my one month of confinement.
The fact that we as new parents would be learning to be hands-on with a new little alien at home, and trying to return back to work or blend in our personal/couple schedules into a highly demanding for baby and have to create a baby shower or go New Year visitings like you have had all the sleep in the world last night or even for the last 2 months is an totally overwhelming thought to me.
In my opinion, I find it unrealistic.
If I make a visitation to a place for 1hour plus to 2 hours, I will definitely clash into feeding timings. So it means borrowing a room and latching and also changing diapers because my son poops most of the time when he feeds.
So logically speaking, if I visit a place for 2hours, I likely spend about 30min to 45min in room, with my hubby and son doing all these 'housechores', depending on how cooperative my son is.
I find that it make more sense for me to do ALL THESE in the comfort of my home. Also, I did not want my son to be over-stimulated. The amount of lights and noise, colors and happy, excited faces wanting to carry him, caused him to cry very badly back in the nights because he had total lack of sleep and missed his sleeping hours a few times.

What did I do to minimise my Damage?
1. I plan my visitations. I split visitations to different parts of the day. In between, I will definitely route my baby home for peace and quiet at home. And if he gets too cranky, I will highly choose to skip the next visitation.
2. The important visitations and the-not-so-important and the unimportant visitations.
ie immediate family as priority. Unimportant meaning; I have already seen the people during CNY and any other more visitations are just extras. It is good to have but not compulsory.
3. I harness my baby almost 24/7. Obviously I do not harness my boy in at home or at the night, I meant that I will harness him as much as I could.
This will ensure, my son mostly in Sleep Mode because he is very cuddled. Two, people cannot carry him. I am being honest. I do not allow all people to carry my son. This will minimise your kid from waking or being unable to sleep because of over-stimulation in the daytime.
I only put him down at 'foreign beds' if it is places I am comfortable with because you really do not want your baby to be on beds which you do not know what people do on it. Thus far, it is only at my mom's house.

So, I urge anyone not to feel pressurised over any kinds of visitings or having to get your few months old baby to have to 'say Hi' to anyone. Because personally, apart from the well-being of the child, the parents' physical and mental, emotional state is even more important esp; if the couple cares for their child themselves. Then the parents must be prudent and learn to make the right decisions rather than just going with the flow.
Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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