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How To Save Costs For Confinement Lady

How I did my own confinement?!?!?

Wing it! Haha!

Basically it’s true of what people always advise. Sleep whenever your baby sleeps. And have a hands-on hubby.

It is important to prioritize what’s really important to do during that initial 1-2months.

Hire a part time cleaner if necessary. Plan your laundry days in a week. Plan your meals. Spending time thinking of what to eat is definitely a practical waste of time.

The doctor also advised me against herbal cooked foods, ginger etc.. so we cooked our own meals. And bear in mind to cook, easy to cook meals. Don’t cook as if you are hosting a cuisine. Some days, we also order deliveries. There are plenty of choices, choose wisely.

Bottle-feed if necessary. I nearly lost my mind latching almost every 2hours consistently and still have to make him sleep. My worst nightmares were when I held on to my child for more than 8hours straight. And the straw broke the camel’s back when he had his persistent crying. I literally broke down holding him.

So my hubby decided to help me feed him in the twilight hours, so that I could just focus on a 20-30min milk expression while he feeds our boy. So that both of us can return to sleep within 30mins.

Have fun. Enjoy the phase. Talk to your spouse often. Make your husbands listen to you. Haha... enjoy the physically and mentally and emotionally taxing ‘project’ together. My husband and I keeps each other sane. When 1 goes crazy caring for the little one, the other can come in as a saving grace.

I feel that the most important takeaway for me, which is not just applicable for the 1st month for me and my hubby is to learn to put aside particularity. Learn to forgo and choose to focus on what’s important. Don’t be overly anxious over the baby or be overly paranoid. Your baby is really just fine!

So, that was basically how we went through our virgin month! And it is still a ongoing learning journey!

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