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How Much Can You Save If You Did Your Own Confinement?

With the rise of new parents willing to do their own confinement, one might be guessing how much do you actually save?

Over here we will break it down for you. YAY!!!!

Typically to get a confinement nanny, you will need to pay about between $3000 to $5000. Hiring one nanny will also depend on if you are giving birth in a busy year like the year of the 'dragon' or the the busy period like 'Chinese New Year'.

You will also need to prepare 2 red packets for the nanny. One to give for good luck on the first day of work, ranging from $50 and up. And the other one to give on the last day of your nanny's work, ranging $100-$200 depending on performance satisfaction.

And if you are hiring a Malaysia nanny, you will need to pay for $30 work permit and $60 for levy fee per month. Insurance which is about $250. And you need to provide daily food for the nanny as well.

If you getting a direct transfer from within Singapore, of cuz you can skip the Stay-Home-Notice. If you are getting from direct from Malaysia, then you will need to pay the $2000 for a $14-day stay and Covid 19 Test, $200.

With the hiring a nanny, you will need to prepare extra cash to pay for her bedding items like mattresses etc, and she might request some items for the confinement like stools, pails to help her assist her during confinement etc...

You will also need to set aside cash for the buying of herbs and food for the nanny to cook confinement dishes and drinks.

So all in all. - Getting a Malaysia Nanny in Singapore

28 Days Confinement Hire $3500


Red Packets (x2) Min $200


Admin Fees (Levy, Insurance... etc) $340

+ Nutritious Food & Chinese Herbs $1000

+ Miscellaneous Buying (Stool, mattress) $150


That will bring us a total of: $,5190 (estimated value)

If cuz, if you are getting a nanny from Malaysia direct, you will need to include the SHN fees. So what about parents who did their own confinement? You will need to make sure food & drinks be catered as it is a huge part of confinement. And that will cost you about $1,688. With that, you will need to decide on a Confinement Tingkat as you will have no nanny to cook for you. In fact it can be a good choice because mind you, not every CN can cook delicious food. One clever way moms do is to take up 2 different confinement Tingkats; one caterer for lunch and the other for dinner to avoid food repetition. The Tingkat will provide your daily soup, food, and the red-dates drink. Thus far, Chilli Padi Catering has a more consistent feedback. And that is the caterer I did too. Keep in mind, there are also halal caters out there too for our muslim friends!

You will need to get your own herbal bath packets for showering which cost about $60. Herbal baths are traditionally said for women who just gave birth to restore their 'Qi'. You can easily get this from big medical halls like Eu Yan Sang. Or in fact if you sign up packages for pre and post-natal massages, some do provide shower herbs to compliment with the packages they offer.

While some new parents would hire a nanny to want to learn baby care from the nanny, you will need to be equip way before you give birth.

As you will be caring for your baby and delegating duties between husband and wife, you should attend basic baby care courses with your spouse to make sure that both of you know how to do your parent thing. When you first become a parent, you will feel the joy, you will feel the fatigue & feel overwhelmed as well. Knowing how to handle your bundle of joy and how both of you can share the duties at home is vital as both of you find your rhythm & groove as new parents. If you are worried that both of you forget what you learn, go to Bump birth & beyond provides Antenatal course online for new parents to learn about from their Labor to essential topics like Baby Care and Breastfeeding. You can get them at an affordable price $197. Most importantly, you can refer back to the tutorial videos which you likely will need because you might forget how to shower/massage your baby. And Bumps do have lessons & postpartum support (Follow up Video Calls) for mommies & daddies, unlike most antenatal courses which do not provide for that.

One more thing, get a part time helper to come clean your house. They cost about $18-$20 bucks. If you hire them twice a week, and 3hourly, that will be about $480. Part time help is a great option especially to help with laundry and general cleaning and hygiene. It helps new parents not try to go crazy over a pile of laundry, but also to keep the space clean and airy for the newborn. And this is something new parents who hires confinement nanny cannot achieve because a confinement nanny would be fine with sweeping the house a little but definitely not washing your toilets or cleaning your entire family's clothes.

If you are equipped with knowledge by attending Parenting Preparation Courses and you have your postpartum recovery items like your Tingkat & Herbal Bath Packs, and part time helper for general chores, your 28-Day DIY Confinement is pretty much set in stone!

So how much do you spend doing a DIY confinement?

Confinement Tingkat $1,688 + Herbal Bath Packs $60

+ Antenatal Course $197


Part Time Help $480

Total will be a sum of $2,425

So the difference between if you hire a confinement nanny versus you doing your own confinement will be: Hiring a nanny $5,190 (Less) DIY confinement $2,425 will be $2,765.

Well, a whooping savings of $2700 plus can be used for baby essentials like diapers, a pushchair, a cot etc... so if you and your spouse is gamed for a challenge to have a non-elaborated, and simple confinement, you know what to do!


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