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Are Strollers Redundant?

Before the coming of your little baby, a stroller is one of the big ticket items parents purchase.

Since before the birth of my baby, I have been observing other parents, their babies and their strollers.

In the end, I decided to do without strollers. First of all, I really am not a fan of pushing a bulky thing, like a stroller. 2ndly, I really love love love being hands-free especially that I still want to hold my husband’s hands or rather, my husband still CAN hold my hands.

But most importantly, I often see the scenario of 1 parent carrying the child, and another parent or maid pushing stroller. And if you see a stroller parked somewhere, you peek your head in, you only see vegetables.

A stroller in my opinion serves its purpose of its original name. STROLLER. My sister offered me a stroller, I accepted it but only because I think I would love to put my son in a stroller when we head to the park. He can sit in it and look around and be curious with his surroundings. Thus far, erm... I hadn’t gone to the park yet. Haha... we will try next time.

SO... this is us with the cradle wrap. Safe and cuddly!

So anyway, I did not spend my money to buy a stroller. I bought a ‘je porte mon bebe’. It is a baby carrier wrap without a knot. And my hubby bought a korean brand carrier which we have yet to try because we were being blessed with a Manduka Black Line.

So now my boy is 3months plus and we are still without a stroller. And everytime I look at my boy’s behavior, I know that he would not sit still and long enough for me to stroller him. So I think cuddling is best.

I think parents can consider getting a 2nd hand if they want to try a stroller or consider options like cradle wraps or carriers. It is very convenient even going to the toilets! Haha!

So the question most parents might ask is what if the babies becomes BIGGER BABIES? Most carriers can carry a child up to 15kg. So that’s not an issue till 1 year old thereabout. And also my husband and I endeavour to not spoil our son by strolling him around especially after he reaches a certain age.

Ultimately it’s up to everyone’s preference. I am sure I will still get a stroller if needed in months to come!



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