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3 Reasons I Bought A Puppy For My 14th Month Old Baby.


I have surprised the world with a puppy!

Our little new addition is 6.5months old, imported from HongKong, and he is a Show Dog quality puppy.

Honestly, with a 14month, it might not be easy to handle a puppy. It all started from hubby and I wanting our little bulb to have more exposure to the nature. Going to the parks or going for our regular evening walks are activities we do much. In order to help him overcome his fear of dogs, we exposed him to be friendly to our neighbors’ dogs and also some kind owners at the park whom are fine with him petting their doggies.

It came to a point ‘dog-dog’ was one of his first few words. However, we also couldn’t expect the dogs be waiting for him at the park to play.

So! One day at the park while watching 2cute dogs, we started googling and 2days later, we found our little puppy.

Here’s 3 Great Reasons To Have A Baby and A Puppy!

One! Children grows to be kinder to animals and accepting. Babies are also heard to have better immunity. Believe it or not!

Two! Taught Responsibility. 14 months old baby, don’t have too much of expectations. The basic first step is to allow both of them to accept each other and know how to behave around each other. ALONE. Apart from that, I allow my son to feed the puppy Treats, to build relationship, and to allow my son (guided) to hold the puppy’s food bowl with food, to bring over to feed him.

When he is gradually older, he can learn to care for the dog by bringing him for walks together. (Guided)

Three! It is Therapeutic! A lot of people laughed at us and commented that we are really looking for more work to do; considering our baby is still so young and we are busy parents. But it didn’t really made us extra busy, as we have a helper to do basic toilet cleaning for the puppy. And we do things together; similar to how we always workout with our used-to-be ‘crawling baby’.

And at 14months old, while my son is dealing with his ‘learning tantraums’, it is nice really to take a short break and bond with the puppy after hearing too much screaming. It just kinda makes you feel better!

Here goes! Signing off!



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