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Why Our Dads Deserved Their Father's Day

It is not just about your mother. It is not just about our mothers. Every year, Mother's Day is always the occasion where everyone gives a lot of attention to.

Somehow, it always feels that mothers does the most.

It is really not a statement anyone can put a finger into.

Every family is different. Our fathers contribute differently.

Now that I have a little baby, - of cuz he is not so little anymore. (18months... but eh... Still baby to me.)

I see how my baby's father attend to him everyday. - Give him the attention, takes care of him every time he is home. Priorities him beyond his work duties. Most importantly, sacrificed alot of rest and endured our baby's inability to sleep through the night. Apart from that, waking every 2-3 hours and not sleeping for 2 hours straight every night. Seriously, I think about how blessed my child is.

A responsible father is highly coveted for. Whether your father or your husband is an expressive man or whether he knows how to do perfect chores or can carry your baby better than you, they as an individual needs to be celebrated. They too, needs to be appreciated. And on Father's day, on such an opportunity, we must express our gratitude.

To the man, who complains and grumbles little,

he who goes to work to put food on the table.

He who shrimps on his own needs/wants and splurges for his children.

He who loves his children's mother.

He who tries to strike an awkward conversation after a long tiring day to build some connection.

The father who does his best even when he has no idea how.

Efforts seen and unsung sweats behind the scene.

It is Father's Day.

Cut him some slack and give him some peace.

Happy 2nd Father's Day to the father of my son.  Thank you for all the big and little things.

Sorry really for all the shit.

Sometimes misunderstood and still have to give in.

May your sons be a great daddy just like you are.


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