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Why My Husband Bottle Feeds My Son In the Night Instead of Me!

There are many whom do not know, of cause some of you may have heard that my husband takes care of the night feeds.

So this is Daddy feeding. And actually Daddy's eyes is closed. Because he is so tired.
And I encourage couples to try this regime or schedule or whatever you want to call it.

Soon after we discharged, I was caring for baby almost at most of the hours everyday. Soon, the demands of the infant overtook me. His every 2 hour intervals of feeding, and after due to his immature stomach and reflux and gas and all the what’s not after his feed, I had to carry him in an upright position for about 15min-30min, sometimes even longer to put him to bed and then I had to spend 30min expressing my extra over supply of breast milk.

By then when I finish all these chores, I need to do my next feed with little or no rest. During those moments when he just cries like hell has broken loose and we were still figuring as new parents; his discomfort, I totally was too overwhelmed and also broke down.

Such incidences made my husband reflect on the effectiveness of my feeding, but really he was considering my well-being. (So seriously, girls, find a man like this.)

We concluded there after, my husband will bottle-feed our little boy any feeds which falls from 12am to 6am. So that I can focus just on expressing and so that both of us can go back to sleep within 30min. And it has been like this since.

This arrangement allows me to sleep more, because my body is currently more conditioned to my milk letdown and as such I can choose to express my breast milk about 5-6 hours block. Meaning, I can sleep longer and have a longer ‘nap’.

My husband will do the night intervals because in the day, his daddy duties are much lesser.

Some people maybe judging and comment that my husband will be tired in the day during work. The truth is, I have my own work too. I as well, was back to work at my 3rd week after delivery.

Our take is that we both have our careers. None of us wants to have lack of sleep and neither wants anyone of us to jeopardize our work.

I strongly encourage daddies to pick up more hands-on duties. It will encourage more ‘working together’ and also definitely forge more relationship between the dad and the child. Most importantly, it lowers chances of meltdowns from mommies and relives some pressure.
Of cuz, mommies please do not totally shut yourself off into holiday mode just because your husbands take over the shifts. Ultimately, a mommy's cuddle is usually (no offense), a preferred choice of your babies. So if in any situation if daddy cant put baby to sleep after a 30min struggle, mommy will definitely be around to take over. This helps each other maintain sanity.

So what can I say? Except that I have an awesome husband and my son has a great daddy!
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