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Why I Regretted My Words And Brought My Son Overseas Even Earlier Than Expected

When I was pregnant with Samuel, and even after soon he was born, one of the common question asked to me was if I would bring him overseas.

My hubby and I are a very well-travelled couple. One of those moments we missed most and would be daydreaming while carrying my son then was looking at all our hanged photos around the home and reminisce over great fun and memories.

But whenever people posed me the travel with baby question. My answer was a straight NO.

Every time I imagined a couple trip with my big boy and the thought of having a little needy infant or baby makes me think of how futile and meaningless the holiday trip would be.

But suddenly I got inspired. I got inspired by my baby boy.

It started from all those little East Coast Park trips. I brought him there regularly, initially just to feel like a good parent. Haha.. Then I let him touched the grass, the sand, the waters..

I regularly bring him to the pool twice a week unless its rainy day or I am having my period. Oops.

I saw him improve in confidence and enjoyed the fun.

One day, I arranged a Zoo trip. And I saw how he engaged the little animals, tried to touched the little tortoise which swam by, fed the beaver... and attracted to excitement of the children at the zoo. I was so touched and encouraged seeing him so engaging!

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I wrote a post previously on the subject about Enrichment Classes. I remembered how I really wanted to let my son learn through experience, providing him outdoor activities as part of his growing up.

Babies these days are being placed in the classrooms, to do their learning and reading. They read about animals but they do not touch them. They read about Public Transport but they never sat one before. We do not go out anymore to enjoy the nature, the admire the wild creatures. Our children don't know how the rain feels like, neither do they know how to run free at green pastures.

They are overly protected, and attracted to mobile devices.

I did not want to bring him overseas because I was not thinking like a mommy, I was thinking in the capacity of a romantic wife. Haha... Honestly if you ask me if I would bring my son to Paris or Milan now... my answer is still No. Because it is more of a shopping thingy... it is almost nothing to do with my son.

Babies or children are best not at cities. But actually great when exposed to the nature, outdoor. To the animals. The farm activities. The waters.

Now as a mommy, wanting to give him the best. I consider what will be considered a good learning experience for my son. Is it Heguru? Or Shichida? Or maybe the Zoo? The parks? The supermarket?

Outdoor fun can be structural too. Like learning to give way to children at the playground, learning to take turns and queue at the play area, learning to communicate with other children of different age ranges.

So before he turns 7, it will be travel, travel, travel. Exposure and experience. Fun and sun.

What are your thoughts? What are the activities which you would allow your babies to do?


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