Why I Fired My Confinement Lady.

My hubby and I made a decision to fire our confinement lady at about our 2 weeks with her.

We were very hands-on ourselves even during the overnight feeds mostly that the CL was beginning to be more and more lazy and started to not take initiatives to even help wash baby’s clothes or even clean his sleeping area.
I usually only allow her to do 2 overnight feeds and take over in the morning like 4am-ish.
Her cooking was uninteresting and really tasted horrible as the time goes by.
But enough of my rantings, what have I learnt from this episode?
1. You do not need a CL if you have a 3-man hands-on nucleus. Ei: You, your hubby and a whomever’s mom. Each person can take turns taking care.
Benefit: You will surely not cry when you have finish your 1month confinement period because you have participated in caring for your infant. I have heard of stories of new mommies crying after their CL left because they felt lost and don’t feel too confident taking care of their own babies. So participate a little, it helps! And bonding is good too!
2. You can buy ready cooked Confinement Food from caterers. There are many available Confinement foods out there. It definitely is more cost effective than spending 3K at least for a CL.
3. Overfeeding the baby. My CL told me when my baby was just few days old that he could swallow a 100ml. I never pretty much realized anything wrong and in fact was very glad my little boy increased his feed. However in his first one month, he puked very often and many were projectile Merlion vomiting.
After bringing him to peadiatric care, I realized and also observed that in every 100ml feed, he starts to leave unfinished 10-20ml milk.
Now I only feed him 80ml to 85ml and he doesn’t puke anymore. So I concluded the CL overfed my baby and perhaps to hope my kid don’t wake up too often in the night.
4. Trust. You don’t have worry about trusting ultimately a stranger. I specifically told my CL not to bottle feed my boy. I said to wait till he is 2weeks old and we should do syringe feeding first. However, she bottle-fed my child without my permission and did it secretly. So mommies, we won’t like that.
So well, it was a hard decision for us to make to terminate our CL’s services in the middle of confinement, but we did it anyway!
In my upcoming posts in future, I will share more on how me and my hubby dealt with our 1st month with our 1st baby as new parents!