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What The Man Wants For Father's Day

I was rewatching Modern Family on Netflix and obviously.. straight episodes from V Day to Christmas. And it happened to be Mother's Day Episode on Season 2.

And while watching the characters and laughing at the comic episode, I turned to my hubby and commented in relation to the content I was watching, "Mommies really need to be appreciated. And thats the reason why Mother's Day is always a much much bigger day than 'Father's Day'"

And.... here's why and what your man wants for Father's Day.

1. Father's Day is like their birthday. It is not a special day. It is JUST ANOTHER DAY.

2. Fathers do not covet or secretly wished for pressies year after year from their wife and children. All they wish is you spend lesser of their money. It will be even better if you can bring home some money.

3. Fathers do not need the children to say a long 'Thank You Papa Father's Day' script. They want the kids to zip their mouths and give them peace. At least for a day.

Last but not least, if they could ask for anything for Father's Day. It would be a rewarding sleep, a small gathering with some close guy mates, a couple of booze and back to rewarding sleep without wife's death stare or children annoying quarrels.

After saying the following to my hubby, he looked at me and grinned.

To a better Father's Day next year guys! Share it with your wife!


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