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New Covid19 Hospitals Regulations If You Are Giving Birth In Singapore

The way we give deliver our babies is very different as opposed to any delivery 2 years ago. We did not have to do any safe distancing, no need to wear any face masks unless you want to and obviously, everything was more free & easy.

Gone are the days when our husbands could follow through the entire delivery process with us, staying overnight in the hospital with us to be our hands & feet. With Covid19, and the recent surge of community cases in Singapore, so much have changed and the new restrictions applies but differently for each hospital.

So have updated this List of Top 9 Hospitals in Singapore and what you can generally expect if you choose to give birth in any of these hospitals! And we hope that these updated important information for our new parents or repeat parents to-be decide better which hospital you want to deliver your baby in.

But whatever it is, always remember to double confirm once you are booking for your pre-admission!

All information are accurate as of 5thJune2021. Restrictions & limitations are subjected to change depending on the MOH policy guidelines.

Mount Alvernia

At Mt A, the mommy will be required to do the swap test and will be done in the ward. Whilst your husband will be asked to do swab test too. During this period, no visitors are allowed. And your hubby can stay overnight only if it is Single ward.

Kadang Kerbau Hospital

KKH, the top favorite of many parents. During this period, your husband can only accompany you into the delivery suite. However he cannot stay over regardless of the ward you stay in. He will be allowed to visit 20min a day and you are allowed 2 visitors per day. And oh! No swab tests required. So, that's some good news?

National University Hospital

Good news! You and your spouse do not need to do the swab test. And your husband can stay over but only if it is A/A1 ward. You can visitors up to 5 pax. However capped at 2 visitors at per one time. No limit to the visiting period. Not a bad a deal huh?


At Gleneagles, it is required for Mommy to go through the swab test before delivery. But Daddy will be spared. It is said that the swap test results will be out before the actual delivery. So you definitely can breastfeed your baby as long as your swab test results is negative! Your hubby will be allowed to stay overnight to take care of you only if it is is a Single Ward. If it is a double-bedder, he can only visit for a max of 20min. And no visitors will be allowed!

Parkway East Hospital

The mommy will be required to do a swab test, while there is no need that your husband to do any swab test. However, the hospital do not allow the husband to stay overnight in the ward even if it is a single ward. He will be allowed to visit you every day, with a limit of 20min visitation period.

Thomson Medical Center

At TMC, the mommy & daddy will need to do the swab test. However, there is a pre-admission swab test at 38weeks if you are going for natural labor. Pre-admission swab test fees will be borne by you & your husband. IF after the pre-admission swab test, you only give birth on 39th week or even 40th week, you and your husband will be required to do another swab test in the hospital. The swab test will be complimentary for the mothers but the fathers will need to pay for their own.

If your husband is not planning to accompany you for more than 30min throughout the duration of delivery, then he is not required to do the swab test but he will need to leave once the 30 min is up.

Similarly for C-section parents, you will do your swab test a day before your elective C-section date. If your husband is planning on entering in the theater, he will only be allowed 30min within the theater.

Your spouse will be considered as a caregiver. And you are allowed another visitor. 1 visitor per day policy, 30min cap period for each visitation.

Mount Elizabeth (Novena)

At Mt E Novena, swab tests are not required and will only be performed if it is necessary during the stay. Your husband is allowed to stay over at the A ward but non A wards, no overnight is allowed. In a day, there are only 2 designated persons allowed each day and that includes the caregiver; like for example your husband.

Mount Elizabeth (Orchard)

At Mt E (Orchard), mommy and daddy will required to do a swab test. And similar to most private hospitals, your husband will be allowed to stay over in the maternity ward. And each day you will be limited to 2 visitors a day which includes the caregiver, and only 1 person will be allowed at one time. And that means that your husband will need to step out for while when you have that 1 visitor.

Singapore General Hospital

SGH, the mommy & daddy will be required to do a swab test. And he will be allowed to stay overnight if it is a Single ward. And no visitors will be allowed.

Raffles Medical

At Raffles Hospital, the mommy will need to get a swab test, whilst the your hubby will not be required to do so. If you are staying in the A ward, your hubby can stay over. However, no visitors will be allowed.

Article contributed by The online Antenatal course which every new parent needs.

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