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Today My Son Wrecked My World

This is an emotional post.


I brought Samuel (my son) to Yu Guo Children Tuina as I observed that he seemingly had some indigestion in his stomach. He pukes frequently these few days and had reduced frequencies in his bowel movements from 3-4 times a day to once a day or worst still, none.

The horror started at the very moment when I stepped into the clinic at the counter, he suddenly broke down and started crying extremely loudly and as if in pain. My hubby and I got a huge shock because my little pumpkin hardly cries like this since the day he was born.

He cried sadly, persistently and intermittently as if he’s in some form of great discomfort. To make matters worst, I tried to latch feed him as it was his feeding time as well but there was not a nursing room/ area at all to feed him. Not inside the clinic and not outside the clinic. I had to try to calm him down and try to feed him in the rundown toilet of the mall. But he was crying so badly, he would not latch.

There was also no place at all to put him down. Once again, not in the clinic and there is nowhere outside the clinic. He cried so badly everyone was looking at us and we totally did not know what to do. We never seen him like this before and we could not deduce for sure what exactly was his discomfort.

Finally, I decided after 30min of struggle to bring him home instead of queuing for the Tuina Therapist. Obviously, he also did not stopped crying sadly and vehemently throughout the journey home.

In that 1 hour of ordeal with him, my life came to a standstill. While trying to calm him down, I had a million thoughts of all my 'what-could-it -have-been'? I thought of if it was because of the chinese TCM herbs smell which made him cry? Stomachache? Extreme hunger? He sprained his limbs? He misses his nanny grandma? He does not recognise me because I am wearing a yellow A&F pullover which he never seen before? I bun my hair and he cant tell its me?

And I had to decide, what happens if he still wails after reaching home? And I quickly got my hubby to google the nearest Paediatrician Doctor around us. I even considered admitting him into KKH. In the chaos, I totally forgot about my doctor friend whom could arrange private warding for him. It was the scariest and most draining moment for us. It was so tough. I finally had to make a judgement call to skip the Tuina, rush him home.

I am now definitely thankful that it is over and we realised that he cried because had a bad stomachache and he was angry he soiled his romper slightly, and while he carried on his bouts of wailing when he felt at the same time hunger. It kinda felt like I neglected his needs.

Previously I wrote on YuGuo and only about their services. But I do want to state that they are unfortunately not baby-friendly in their facilities. There is almost no where you could change nappies or feed because all the rooms are allocated. This incident really compelled me to want to bring him to a more private clinic with better facilities.

I felt like I neglected my son’s cue that he was hungry and needed to feed when we were in the car on the way to the clinic. As such, when all circumstances clash themselves together, it creates a really bad chemistry. So it is really important to look out for our babies’ cues before they become really pissed.

Also, you definitely need to have private PD. There’s no where you can send your baby if you have only been bringing them to Polyclinics. The best PD to me is those which are linked up with their private hospitals. This helps a lot when your child is in distress, you can admit your child to the hospital immediately.

My hubby and I prayed for him after the whole 1 hour ordeal and we really teared. I am sure all the parents all there would totally comprehend how you feel like your soul and spirit left you. Even after a 5 hour sleep, I still woke feeling like shit. Drained and worst still, all the work commitments etc ... really made me feel like my life was on the line!

Our hearts really goes out to those children whom are battling with some diseases or illness and totally heart wrenching for the parents. So to all of you, kudos to parenthood and craziness!


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