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The Woman Who Saved My Breasts

The story goes that I had really engorged breasts during my stay in the hospital. I did not have any experience on how it feels or how to be aware that milk was filling up my breasts. By the time I realised, I already had issues trying to get the milk out. And even the hospital grade pumps could only get a little milk out.
For the record, I was so engorged that I actually cried a few times especially in the hospital and I really wanted to give up breastfeeding. Thankfully, I got recommended even before I was pregnant, to this Malay Auntie. Mdm Ida... If you search around on the net, you would have seen her name around.
I do not know how she does it but she is definitely an expert on doing breasts. From engorged to freedom!!! Having said that; she do not really do prenatal or postnatal massages. But feel free to still check with her!
She has a jovial personality and pretty prompt in her timings. Usually she gives a time buffer which I really appreciates. She does not hard sell you to get a package to make you committed to her.
Her rates is $60/45min. Most of the time, for best effect, it is to do 2 sessions at one go.
She helped me the 1st time with engorgement, taught me how to handle the milk and breasts and also guided me on the use of my pumps.
The other time, was when I was having much lesser milk because my milk supply was dropping due to the lack of discipline in expression. She came and helped me clear out all the milk from my breasts and that allowed my body to have the signal of having more letdowns.
So far my experience has been really nice and I was really much helped during this season. I do strongly recommend her. You just need to prep a proper bed, 2 towels.
She also recommends this Lecithin Sunflower Pills which helps to thin the milk and helps the breasts to have lesser blocks. I personally did not try this, so, do find out more before anyone of you partakes of it.
So! Mdm Ida 94249829 Call her to reserve her timings! She definitely can help save all the breasts!


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