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The Recipe To Encourage BreastMilk!

This is my Freezer, it is filled to the brim with just breast milk. I dont even have space even for ice-cream tubs anymore.

It has always been a very common concern we often hear about new mommies not having enough breast milk to give to their newborn.

Personally for me, because I was not sure if I would feel emotionally stress if I were to be placed in a situation whereby the nurses or family members would pressurized me decide if to supplement formula milk to my baby; I made a sound choice of prepping myself early.

What did I do?
Prior to 4days before my planned delivery, my husband brewed me the famous lactation soup to increase and speed up my lactation process. - Green Papaya Fish Maw Soup

Ingredients: Green Papaya, Fish Head, ginger, garlic, spring onion, salt and red dates to taste. Some people uses fish bones. Up to you.

If you need the exact amount, you might have to do some googling. Else some ‘agaration’ won’t kill. Else, I know that some confinement caterers or hospitals do sell this soup.
I believe that drinking 1 or 2 days and 1 bowl each will do. Due to our ignorance, my husband brewed a whole big pot and I was struggling to finish the bowls of soup. And we did it for 2-3 days.

The moment after I delivered through C-Sec, 3hours plus later, the nurse threw my son to me to breastfeed. From 2nd day, I had oversupply. That also gave me problems, but good problems; which I will share in future.

Of cuz the irony was thatmy son drank formula milk the moment he was birth because he was low in sugar level.

Anyhoo, most majority of mommies will surely have capacity to lactate. It is only the matter of the amount.

So if you want you can consume 1 or 2 bowls before delivery and I am sure you will be much more prepared to breastfeed!!!


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