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The Common Question: What Are Your Cravings?

Many people will asked any pregnant lady what their cravings are.
And cravings are usually known as the main reason why anyone who is pregnant gains too much weight and hence become out of shape and struggle to return to pre-pregnancy weight.
I personally feel that people in general have cravings which are liken to comfort food or their happy food. I do hear my friends or colleagues saying 'oh, I wish to eat such and such...'
When we are pregnant, we are also much more prone to cravings due to hormones or whatever that is going on inside us.
I often felt thirsty during my 1st trimeter. I mostly ate watermelon because it is indeed a very thirst-quenching fruit. Of cuz, too much is bad because of the high sugar content. So I stopped entirely after knowing that I have Gestational Diabetes.
To be entirely honest, I do have some cravings. Like prior to pre-pregnancy, I don't eat sweet stuff at all. From since my 2nd trimester, I started to crave for sweet stuff. I started looking out for chocolates, cakes etc... (By the way I have not touched chocolates and cakes for more than 10years)
So to be fair, you can have or even will have cravings but you need to control the portion. I feel that the problem is usually not the cravings, it is the lack of self-control on the portions and always feeling the right to fulfil the cravings. Meaning, if you 'feel like' eating durians at 1am in the morning, you do have a choice to sleep it through. Creating a habit of eating whenever you feel like, is definitely the deal breaker.
Of cuz, if you feel like because you are pregnant and you have every right to fulfil the cravings, then you will also need to accept that pre-pregnancy weight during the short interim will not happen.
Also, your baby will not feel sad in your stomach because you did not eat durian when you feel like eating durians ya?
Our mind is a powerful tool. We are what we eat. So if you set in your heart a discipline; ie to satisfying your cravings once a week. Or working out twice a week because you ate a craving. Or setting yourself a goal to not put on more than 15-17kg at the end of the term... you will have more consciousness to decide what you put into your mouth.
Of cuz, dont put too much pressure on yourself. Ultimately, if eating your cravings makes you a happy preggo, then go ahead because a preggo should not be unhappy while being pregnant or in fact any for anyone.
Do what you must, and do what you wish!


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