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My Reviews - Why Staycation @Furama Riverside Is A Bad Idea

After much deliberation and much great discussion, we all agreed to a 2D1N Staycation at Furama Riverside for our National Day weekend.

So first was the late check in. We were there at 2pm and we could not do a check-in. They could not turn over fast enough. So we only had a room to bunk 3 families in. We only had our room like at 5pm.

Furama is so not child-friendly. The reason why Furama was one of the proposed option, was because of the Waka Waka free entry and perhaps the little playroom at the lobby call PAWS. So...

Review on Play Areas!

1. PAWS. (Free-Entry)

It smells. There is a fishy stench inside the room. The items are old. I am not sure if they actually cleansed the room diligently. So, I didnt allow my little boy to play inside.


2. Waka-Waka (Free for First 30min, Pay $5 for subsequent 30min extension)

It is a pretty fun place except that it is totally dependant on your child's age. If your child is like 2plus to 3, they will be most suitable. Because there are many children running around, pushing around, screaming and shoving, doing their 'kids' things. So our children under 2years old, we very susceptible to rowdiness by other older children. So you will need to stand by their side and follow around to protect them.

3. Pool Area

The "Child's Pool"is ...extremely sandy for some reason. The waters weren't exactly clean. It just looked like the pool hadn't been cleaned or maintained for awhile now. But if you have no particular expectations whatsoever, it can still be a fun event.

Room Interiors. (Superior)

Generally, we all know that Furama is very old.

So....1. the Aircon unit are just moderate. We went on to like 20degrees and still felt warm.

2. The bathroom is definitely not child-friendly. It was a struggle for us to shower our children. They only had those blasting showers. So for my case, after the swim, I had to carry my son and stand in the tub and just do a very quick shower because of the blasting jets.

Why did I not put my son on the tub? It was slippery. And most importantly, the tub was yellowish. You really dont want to put your naked ass on it.

So I had to climb out of the tub with extreme caution because I was carry my son.

3. Carpet Flooring

Very dirty. I was walking on it. And I felt itch. But maybe most hotels have dirty flooring? I just wouldn't dare to throw my son on the floor. So we had to always eyeball him because he could only be on the bed.

4. Cot.

They gave like some old cot. But importantly they gave those brown spiky wool for your baby. Those which you cover yourself with and feel itchy all night long. Thankfully we brought our own son's blanket. And the cot came in like after 5pm. So if your baby needs to snap prior, you got to settle it out yourself.

5. Refrigerator

So you go on a staycation. You prolly have breastmilk or food purees you need to keep chill. The fridge was like a wardrobe. No feel of cold nor chill. So fail.

Conclusion Rating 3/10

I know that Furama has their rooms with the children's theme which we did not managed to book them due to late finalisation of our staycation location. Perhaps it will be better? I do not know. But ... as of now... I honestly think. Furama is not a good choice to stay in.



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