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My Husband Does Not Help Me! -BabyTalk

In society, there are many stereotypes about the roles of women and men; and it gets more obvious, when it comes to domestic and child-care matters.
If you follow my blog, you will know that my husband is in-charge of the night feeds (Any feeds during twilight hours 12am-6am), while I will handle the REST of the hours. Of cuz, when people get to know of such arrangements, they'll always exclaim that I have a great husband. Erm... which of cuz, he really is a great partner to be with because he is responsible towards our home matters but by default, he is a great man and thats probably why I married him?

Our husbands should not feel that when they perform chores at home, feed or change the baby, they are helping their wives. It is a very stupid way of thinking. To me, it's the least one could do. Everyone has a responsibility in the household so they are simply doing their part.

Someone ever said to me that; if your husband helps you with chores or esp; caring for the baby, it is a BONUS. I have to agree to that not because I agree to such theory but really because it is sad that most man actually DO NOT do their part as husbands/ daddies and if they do lift a finger, it is because to them, they are HELPING and that they need to be PRAISED for sweeping the floor but to actually not sweep the corners or worst, to sweep the dust under the carpets, like literally.
The stereotyping of men and women from since the days of old when the society discriminates women for having their own careers and that they are a lesser being of the male counterparts and therefore; all that a woman has to or must do is to stay at home, do chores and give birth and then to fully be responsible and accountable towards the caring of their children.
And really what has such stereotyping brought us? The number one thing on my list is a lazy husband. Yes, you get a lazy husband who will sit on the couch everyday, playing with their phones or computers and needs to be yelled at to 'help' with the child. Haha... I think any mommy reading this will really try to get the daddy to read this.
Jokes aside, the implicating fact we cannot deny even in our current modernised world is the stress and pressure and guilt of a mom. That they having to struggle with fulfilling their work duties, and also has to ensue 100% attention and care towards their children. And the sad and ugly truth is; most men still do not participate actively in the caring of their own children because they are still labeled as the major income earner and have to be 'told' what to do in their own homes.
This is a great imbalance brought about in every individual families. And therefore, with all such demands, postpartum depression is also on a rise. Our husbands do need to understand that they have household responsibilities and especially with the care-giving toward the child and not just participating during 'playtime'. And while the wife needs to attend to the husband and child's needs, likewise, the husband needs to be sensitive to the needs of the wife and the child at home.

My husband do not help me. He has exude great sense of responsibility in loving me and loving our cute 3 month old boy by DOING. He does the chores which he knows how to, he practises being 'hands-on' with our baby. Therefore, really in my opinion, my son is very blessed. Because he not just have a daddy whom cares for him and plays with him, he has a daddy he can look up upon, whom exemplifies the role of man, a husband and a father in the home.


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