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My Cold C-Sec Experience

Ever since my Cesarean experience, I came to realized that I might have watched too much television growing up. So, just to share a little to prep those of you out there who are going to give birth to your miracles...


We did our delivery at Mount Alvernia. I would have described my experience in giving birth as a more ‘matter-of-fact’ moment.

First we had our check-in. It feels really like checking in to a ‘hotel’ except that you do not need to produce your passports. I was being asked to follow a nurse up to my ‘suite room’ and while my hubby had to stay at the registration counter for paperwork.

Once the mommy reached the room, you will be asked to change etc and a nurse will help you prepare for the C-Sec. Part of the preparation will be to go through a checklist of facilities in the room, and the kind of ‘package’ you opted for; - eg; if your hubby is staying overnight etc...

After settling in the room, I was being wheeled to a huge space in a big room, to wait for the operating theatre to be ready, while my daddy-to-be waits outside till the moment when our baby is ready to be pulled forth to the brand new world. Basically, your gynae will cue for that obviously.

Once the baby is out, the nurses will get you to do the famous hold the baby and take a family shot. And I was struggling to still smile and look good. Then, your husband will be asked to follow to the nursery to verify the ‘this-is-my-kid’ or ‘oh! He is 3kg! Yeah!’ administration and paperwork.

I checked in at 10am to Mt A, got my little one out by 12ishpm, then I knocked out somehow, and when I knew, I was being wheeled back to my room. Bear in mind after C-Sec, they need to keep you somewhere to observe you for 45min or so. I am not sure where because once again, I knocked out after my baby was out.

In a nutshell, from 10am to about 2pm plus, I was only with my husband for about 30min before the C-Sec and he came in to the theatre for the Big Show for about 10min, cut the umbilical cord (which I actually didn’t even know he cut it until few weeks later... haha...), I was mostly practically ALONE.

I concluded my C-Sec experience as a really Cold one. The atmosphere was cold, the rooms were cold, and most of the whatever epidural etc... you will be alone. It is actually very different from those scenes which I watched on TV where the wife and husband holds each other hands with the doctor at the legs and then the couple cries tears of joy at the point when they see their little miracle. Haha...

So, many people asked if we cried? No, we did not. Because I was busy battling with my ‘what’s-gona-happen-next’ and my husband was busy doing paperwork.

So indeed, we gave birth as a matter of fact. I don’t know what others’ experiences were, but I feel that natural birth might have been a ‘warmer’ or ‘touching’ process.

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