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Manduca Black Line Harness


This is me, 1 day after 1st month.
Manduca Black Line.
First time I used it? The word 'comforting' came to me. Like seriously comfortable. My little boy totally snuggled into the carrier. Nice and warm. The shoulder straps? Nice! It is spongy and secured. Brought him to church in this, with all the lights and loud sound systems. He just slept like an angel.
The carrier has a few methods of carry. Like front-carry, hip-carry, back-carry. You can vary the carry depending on your baby's needs throughout their growing months.
There are many videos on their own website. The demos' are all done by regular people like us. (Very relatable)
I like the simple design. The minimalist black and the bright orange color zip which acts as a extender.
It is unlike some troublesome carriers. You do not need to buy an extra infant seat on top of the carrier. There is a infant seat in-build. Now my baby is 4months coming to 5, I just need to keep (fold it in) the infant seat and use it as it is.
The best thing about any harness is when your baby just sleeps the moment they are in it. This harness somehow works like magic for my son. He sleeps like within 5secs. Amazing and amusing.
I am not a tula fan. Never tried one either. But I respect that Manduca Black Line is unisex enough for use. I mean... I got to spare a thought for my husband right? There are just too many man walking around carrying flowery or cartoony prints walking around...
You can order your Manduca Standard Edition Carrier (Black) from Amazon. They are secure and fast. No issues with them thus far. You can read the reviews there too.
So... ladies!? Get this black line and let your hubbies use it!


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