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I Gave The M*ddle F*nger To Pregnancy Stereotypes

Below is a photo I took for memory. This was taken 1 day before my C-Section on 11th December2017. I went to visit one my clients and I still manage to fit myself comfortably into my own pre-pregnancy dress, wore my new black 4inch heel.

For the record, my husband gave the title of this post. Haha... I have nothing to do with it except that I embraced it because it totally spoke how we felt.

I went through my pregnancy with a lot of determination. I was very determined to CONTINUE. . .

Alright, this is a very wide topic. I will try to bring my point and explanation across... Lets continue.

I wanted to continue to do the things I love, continue to be active, continue to embrace my own identity while being pregnant.

I was very thankful that I could still wear my high heels which I all loved so much, still could continue to wear my own clothes without buying maternity clothes (although the wearable collection will become lesser by the day), I maintain a healthy exercise regime every 3 times at least per week. I travelled, I worked, I did eat raw foods, I did drink lightly once or twice... and so on and so forth...

I am not advocating pregnant women to do what I do. Or copy what I do.

I feel that many people have many comments, or well-intentioned advices or whatever sharing they were doing based on their own experiences or what they perhaps have heard or seen. AND... these are not wrong and I totally respect that.

But I strongly encourage that a person who is pregnant should still endeavour to do what she feels still capable to do or have the 'faith' to do. And it will be even better with the support of the husband or rather a common agreement.

For instance, my husband advocates that I workout during my pregnancy term. Dont get me wrong as yet. He does not compels me to exercise, he supports my decision to keep a healthy regime while often reminding me to moderate my workouts.

So in the hope to want to be active and healthy, I gradually adjusted my regime to be more doable based on the phase of pregnancy I am in.

This is me on 11th Dec 2017. A day before my C-Section, doing some stretching which I learn from my Flexi Stretch Class.

Or on the topic of wearing heels, I will wear those which are super comfortable and definitely manageable for me. To be truthful, I wore my 3inch heels even a day before my C-sec. You may see me walking slightly faster in my heels with my baby bump, but you will never see me run nor jump.

These are unconventional and not often welcome by traditional people or general crowd. But I strongly am convicted that pregnancy should not bring a woman any deprivation. That the very moment she knows she is pregnant, she STOPS. She stops working out, she stops looking good or etc...

God gave us a baby. It is a gift. It is for me to embrace. It is not to just live a 40-week of Abstinence (those many things, or foods or activities which most pregnant people abstains from) because of fear or unsurety or worst still; because your parents or mother-in-law says no...

I encourage all you ladies to cater your lives around the pregnancy and not the pregnancy around your life. And husbands; be supportive. Be supportive in your wife's endeavours even when she is pregnant.
Feel free to ask any questions you have! Share with someone who's pregnant! Embrace life and remember to check out mommyclucker on Instagram!


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