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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight Within 1month?

The million dollar question on that... How did I lose my pregnancy weight in 1month?

Really, there is no short cuts. But I do think there is a easier way.

First of all, this is good news for those of you whom are still early in your pregnancy or just planning to be pregnant.


I worked out faithfully most of the time every 3 times at least per week.

What workouts did I do?

1st Trimester : Hiking at various Hike Spots or Strolling at the beach. Averaging 1.5hours to 2hours plus. Pace the walk and drink loads of water. You will be surprise the great amount of water you can lose without even knowing.

Morning sickness is a bitch. I could not go past 5mins cardio. So short burst of cardio is not suitable. It makes me really sick. So I do longer walks or hikes. So it burns and keeps my heart-working.

2nd Trimester : Hikes and HIIT. Yes. I do High Intensity. My intensity is pregnancy safe and gynae approved.

Brisk Walking as warm up/ cardio is really good. I do most of the usual HIIT sets. But I do not exert 100%. I maintain 70% strength and intensity. Be conscious with your core because thats where your baby is.

Do more slow and steady core exercises. After I gave birth, I can see my abs definition (the two vertical lines) vaguely on my loose stomach skin.

3rd Trimester : HIIT till 1month close to delivery, more Hiking and I went to do Stretch Classes. It helps with flexibility, backaches and helps with your pelvic.

Stretch is really good especially for those of looking to do Natural Birth. Check out Aerial and Floor at 7B Trengganu Street. A studio owned by this power couple Eunice and Denjz. Known them for at least 10years!


This is me.
3rd Trimester.


To be fair, if you want to eat like you are never having a tomorrow or just because you think you are pregnant, you go on a food spree, the truth is... You are just going to put on weight, especially if you are not active in working out.

I hardly treated or gave in to cravings. I did only do that when I was 2 weeks away from delivery because I wanted my baby to put on more weight. Just for the record, he was not small. He was 3kg when I was 2 weeks away from delivering him. But I would loved him to be 3.85kg. Well, personal preference. Haha...

I do eat more at different stages of my pregnancy but I really do try to have some control. I wont starve but I also will not overeat as much as I am aware.

The kind of food matters. This is a rule we all know. Less fried, less sweet. You will get there.

So stop the rubbish about Cravings. The amount of times me doing cravings? Less than 10times I believe.

You can tell by looking at my husband. He did not put on weight even when I was pregnant because obviously, I werent always eating, thought we did have a few supper occasions.

D Day!

The day I gave birth, I weigh 10Kg more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Then after, I lost like 5kg or so after C-sec. I was so sad. But I realised that your weight will slowly dropped till that fatal 2kg for most. Some's 4kg.. some's more.

This is me 6 weeks after giving birth. I did not edit anything except the background for privacy.

My stomach will still look a little big time to time due to loose skin; esp after eating but this is usually what I wake up to.

So I have concluded that if you did regular active workouts, you can actually lose pregnancy weight pretty fast.

Am I proud of myself? Pretty much!


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