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How To Find Time for a 30Min Workout? ~for New Moms!

Working out can almost be impossible now with a newborn almost crying out for some form of attention at almost any other hour.

I was really determined before I gave birth that I want to still spend time working out. However, after my son's birth, I realised that it could actually be so difficult with him around at home, having to feed almost every 2 hours. After every feed and putting him back to sleep, I only have approximately just an hour left to do EVERYTHING. And when I say Everything, I meant everything from sleeping, showering, cooking, eating, working out and the list just goes on.

This is a video I made with my baby. He made an appearance on one of my workouts!

So how did I maintain a workout of 3-4 times a week still?

First up; you need to really want the discipline to happen. Given a mom's schedule especially if you are a new mom, it is highly challenging to workout. And bear in mind, I am not talking about new moms who have got a whole clan of maids, mothers, mother-in-laws etc to help them.

I, for one, takes care of my own son. My son is most of the time with me except his 6hours with his sitter from Mondays to Thursdays and with an exception of longer hours on Fridays. Other than which; he is always with me.

Here are some tips for you if you want to keep a healthy and sane lifestyle!

1. Schedule
Decide at which time of the day and which time block of your baby's sleeping hour to exercise.

I will decide a time block when I know I will put my son to sleep and once he sleeps, the workout starts.

2. Prepare
Prepare your gear. You can already changed to your workout outfit even earlier in the day! You dont have to change only at the minute you will be workout.

In order for me to save time changing and to condition my lazy brain to workout, I will change out to my exercise outfit to condition myself! So the likelihood of me hitting the sheets is lower! Haha!

Gear preparation includes knowing what workout you are gonna do! Dont go empty brained and try to think of what to do when you have your special workout timings. It will definitely save more time if you are more prepared!

3. Workout Duration

From pre-pregnancy to then exercising during pregnancy, I always workout for at least 45mins. I was totally disappointed when my 45mins became a challenge because time seemed to be very tight and I knew I had to ready for my son's next feed.
So, I decided to make do with a 30min good high intensity workout for a start! If my cooperative son continues sleeping, I will proceed to do my core workouts which is a bonus!

Speaking of bonus. You know what is a even greater bonus? Get a partner!

My workout partner is always my husband. Most of the time, we do pair up to workout together. To keep fit and it does helps spurs either of us on esp when the lazy bugs' crawling all over us! So start getting your husband off the couch and do some couple work!

Try it and let me know if it works!


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