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How My Baby Boy Drew Me Closer To God

In The Beginning...

I have been a Christian for 16years. Beginning of my years, I was on fire and served in various ministries. Soon after a few years, I became busy and became a Sunday Christian.

I still attend services regularly. I am not religious. I definitely do share a relationship with God and my Faith has always been of great importance to me. Except that I do not pray regularly nor read the Bible regularly to seek God. Jesus was just someone at the back of my mind.
The Unpredictable Predicament...

When I knew I conceived, I was so afraid of bearing a unhealthy child. I had so much fears and worries. At the same time, I doubted if I actually could be a great mom. Or even a responsible one. The fears of what the future might hold grips my heart time to time.

I thought hard and long for 9months and even till now, am still taking a step at a time to be a better person I was yesterday, to be a better mom for my little boy today.

Yet, amongst all these fears and unknown, I reminded myself the faithfulness of God.

I confessed everyday for my baby. The day ever since he was just a dot in my womb. And my husband would prayed every night for our baby and I.

I confessed all my hopes and dreams of what I want my son to be. And yes, I did confessed for a boy. I did ask for a head full of hair. I ask for a child of strength. And I prayed that he be a easy kid to care for.

I prayed more. I confessed more. Because I knew I must overcome my fears. Else, I will have to carry a baby to term with fear. And with all the crazy pregnancy hormones? I dont think thats the way out for me. So, I recognised that building up my faith once again was the way forward for me.

I remembered those days when I think to myself; what if something bad happens to my baby? An accident? A disease? A virus? All the negative, unforeseen and unexpected events... what if? What ifs..

I knew. I knew that I must build my holy faith in God. I knew that I need to start studying the Bible again and have revelations.
I could not imagine that if in any circumstances; I do not have enough faith inside of me to pray for my child if he met with something bad. Or the inability to guide my son in his faith because I am, but an empty shell.

Keep On Keeping On...

I know that though I cannot control the unforeseen, but I definitely can pray for my baby. I can activate my faith. I can pray for miracles. But importantly, I can lead my son always back to Jesus. I know it is so important to demonstrate our faith to our children. Because this is a precious thing we can give to our children above anything else. That our hope is always in God. That we are reminded that we can always trust in God. That He will surely take care of my family, my baby.

I have now become more spiritually inclined. Maybe some people find me pragmatic. Or hypocritical. It is not important actually to me how people might think of me. Because if a new event of my life has drawn me closer to something good, I think it is great.

I encourage you parents. Walk closer to Jesus. Pray together with your children. Praise God often. Worship God everyday. Demonstrate how we can love Jesus. You never know when; our babies need a little spiritual boost from Daddy and Mommy!


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