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How I Practice Punctuality With My NewBorn!

I have to confess that I am always irritated and puzzled; (even my most punctual friend) who starts becoming late for our meet-ups or gatherings ever since she gave birth. Haha!

I sincerely apologize for my lack of understanding because yours truly totally gets it now with my little boy.

So now, my boy is about 2months plus. He is turning 3months old in about 12days time! Yeah!

Anyway, when I first brought him out for a doctor appointment, I was grossly late for 30-40min.

For people who knows me, I am usually very time conscious and I really hate it when people are late. To me, waiting is a waste of time.

As such, I was very taken aback and stressed out when I realized that I have been late almost everytime bringing my baby out.

After struggling with such stress on the inability to be punctual, I finally decided to make a stand. And now, I am really hardly late. In fact I am even more punctual with my baby than some singles during gatherings. Haha!

So what did I do?

I grabbed and go. Haha!

This is very tough for many parents to accept. Because they will have a million objections like the baby needs to feed la, poo la, sleep and haven’t wake up la, later cranky la... blah blah...

I reckoned to myself that there are many possibilities. So I decided to do my due diligence by trying to make my baby full before I leave the house, he has clean diapers, whether he is asleep or not, I will just grab him and load him on his harness and off we go.

So far, my baby flows very well with me. In fact, he sleeps even much longer in the harness than on his own bed because of the cuddle. And he poops only when he feeds.

So I have learnt that it is either I lead my child or my child lead me.

Remember in my post on eliminating particularity? Just grab and go! Try it! Esp when they are young!


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