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8 Must-Have Maternity Products You Need To Know!

It is amazing the range of maternity & baby services and products that are available out there in the market to help mothers navigate through motherhood. From pregnancy, to breastfeeding and to anything to help ease a mother's burdens in baby care or even just to make babies feel comfortable; - These products and services are endless.

I have to say that I am really blessed to have found some products which helped me greatly. And honestly I am even more surprised that some of such products exists! To add to that, what I really like is that most of these products were created by mommies who sought for these same solutions for their babies and now they really wanted to offer their solutions and meet the exact same needs of other mothers out there.

So, we are all in for a treat! Top 8 maternity interesting products/services in Singapore.

Bubsmamy. Founded by this mommy of one. She gives you the perfect solution to your search for that 'Right' diaper for your newborn. Diapering can be a headache when there are just too many leaks in the middle of the night, or a diaper which cannot hold a poonami. There are also worst cases when a newborn suffers chemical burns simply because the nappy were not suitable for the skin. However, you know it is simply too wasteful to buy a full pack of diapers to use a couple and realize the misfit. At Bubsmamy, they will provide a Diaper Kit which you can choose to have between 4,6 or 8 diaper brands to try and each brand comes with 3 diapers. Prices starting from $18.90

Bambino SG. One of the most unique service providers I find. Bambino is the answer to parents like me who hates clutter and always find wardrobe space a problem. I mean, who doesn't know that babies simply grow too fast?! Bambino is a baby clothes subscription service for babies of 0month to 2years old. Every month, a set of clothing suitable to your baby's age will be sent to you, and each month, the clothing will refresh and a new pack of clothes will be sent over. You never have to worry about your baby's choice of clothes or where to store them once your baby outgrown the clothes. Most importantly, delivery is free. One less thing to worry as well.

Bump Birth & Beyond. They are the new age facelift of good ol' Antenatal courses made available for new parents. Their entire parenting preparation course covers baby care, breastfeeding and to even teaching us; new parents to create a workable routine which encompasses caring for our newborn and mommies' 'Me' time. Lessons are pre-recorded for new parents to learn at their flexibility & comfort of their home. So, husbands don't be shy, you can start practicing at home with your wives! Parents do not have to worry they have no one to ask their questions, as there will be regular live zoom calls to support the lessons progressions & follow up care call after you give birth. Bump Birth & Beyond understands the trouble that new parents tend to forget most of what they learn during pregnancy and have trouble applying them when the baby comes along. Hence, parents will given lifetime access to the resources and tutorials to refresh their memory on what they have learnt! Parenting course is affordably priced at $197. Chatsworth Cookies. Honestly, I am not a fan of lactation cookies. I never took them for my first pregnancy. During my third pregnancy, I actually somehow became slightly more open to eating them. I guess it would be a better choice to take than swallowing my fenugreek pills. Chatsworth brand herself to use premium ingredients & superfoods for their lactation bakes. And most importantly, Chatsworth makes sure that their cookies are delicious. And as a fellow partaker, I have to say; it is tasty. Typical lactation cookies have a more chewy texture to it and some are very hard to chew. Chatsworth's has a crunchy texture to their cookies. Their cookies not only increase breastmilk production but makes milk creamy! Check out also their non-lac New York Style cookies and let the yummy go to your tummy!

Burpps. This is another lactation cookie brand I found! Well, we never have enough of sweets, don't we? And this is one bake I have to mention because they are the Halal certified. It is difficult to find cookies which are halal certified. So to my Muslim friends? Yay!!! I like it that Burpps makes sure that you have a variety of choices. From, chocolate to strawberry, to the good-ol' ginger flavors, the cookies do not leave a strong after taste in the tongue. With their own manufacturing facility, Burpps' cookies has a longer expiration date than typical home bakes and each cookie are packed separately. Currently they are offering 10% discount off first purchase! So what you waiting for? Burrrrrp!

Stillen Maternity. I have never taken much regard in nursing bras or maternity wear throughout my first pregnancy and till after I gave birth. My honest reason is that it is hard for me to purchase nursing bras which did not look pretty. Those that which I stumbled back then were pricey and only comes in neutral colors. It was not until recently when I had an inflammation from my left under-boob during my breastfeeding, I was frantic and had to relook into the option of getting myself a nursing bra. That was when I stumbled upon Stillen's Maternity. Their bras, made of Modal Fibers material are clean cut and pretty in her colors, their materials are soft & breathable and has durability. Now, they are my go-to. And my breastfeeding journey has become a little bit more colorful & comfortable.

Baby Carriers Rental SG. This is one of the most interesting services I have found. I have no idea that there is a place for me to rent different kinds of carriers for tryouts. And I definitely did not know that you can have professional consult on the type of carrier for your baby. Baby Carrier Rental offers consultation on how new parents could tell if the carrier of their choice is ergonomic for their newborn and if it is body build suitable, and if it fits your personal budget. This service helps new parents save some money before committing to a preferred carrier as self perceived good options may not suit them after all due to carrier features mismatch. You can be sure that your little bundle of joy is safe and comfy in the little sac after the consultation!

Mums N Bumps. One of the most affordable pre and post-natal massage services you can find out there in the market. They have a strong, dedicated team of therapists who are not just good in their hand & finger techniques, they offer their services straight up to your door without charging you extra for the travelling fee. They helped me relieved my lower back pain during my last trimester and then continued with my post-natal recovery massage. One of the thing I liked best from them was that their packages available were not complicated. It was simply straight-forward and clear. You can simply sign up a package of 15 sessions and use it during your pre-natal, and if you cannot finish the sessions, you can use it for post-natal recovery.

So, if you are currently pregnant, go find check these unique businesses out!


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