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Yu Guo Experience. Children Paediatric Tuina. 育国 - 小儿推拿

My few weeks old infant was struggling with much phlegm and he was doing so much projectile puking that I got so concern. I finally decided that he had to try to Child Paediatric Tuina at YuGuo.
So I will share some of my experience here for all you parents.
Generally the environment is pretty clean and organised. Usually there is a crowd, so you need to be cautious of those children who are ill. I think they do adult tuina too, that I didn't explore nor find out anything information on that. I always go only at between 2pm to 4pm. The crowd is much swallowable for an impatient person like me. I even went there on 1 weekend, and the whole sequel was 2 hours plus.
So parent will take a Queue Number for your child, then wait to see a doctor and then the doctor will assign a massage therapist to massage your child accordingly to the 'needs'. My son did Tuina based on 'lowering jaundice', 'stomach bloated-ness' and 'phlegm problems'.
Each treatment is about 15min to 30min (excluding whatsoever wait time).
My personal take is; Tuina itself is very good for children esp if they have low immunity, have persistent cough, or flu. My son's situation did improve; like his bloatedness and puking and I can see that he sleeps better after his Tuina. But to be fair, I feel that my son also has a more mature stomach and liver which contributed to his ability to burp by himself without patting of his back, and his jaundice got to its healthy levels once he hit 8weeks old.
I know of other Tuina clinics which are also very reputable. So I feel that parents need not just consider YuGuo. Be open to try other places esp if the location is inconvenient. YuGuo is located at Kembangan Plaza. Please google. Price range for us is 40plus bucks to 50plus including medication.
Ok about medication. They do not prescribe oral medication for very young infants. They have this thing call the 'waist bag' 腰包. The powder is in a small pack and to bind around the infant's waist at belly button.
What have I learnt?
When the infant's stomach is immature, they cannot be overfed. Which in one of my post of my confinement experience, my CL overfed my son. The liver is not fully mature, so there will be jaundice and the jaundice will cause more indigestions. As such, the baby's puke will look like 'beancurd' So jaundice needs to go down to healthy level, and then stomach slowly mature, then the situation will improve altogether concurrently.


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